Environmentally Responsible Balloons!

As the title suggests I'm going to explain why the balloons I use can be okay for the environment. Don't be confused with this being the case for all balloons! I'm talking specifically the balloons I use and how I use them.

First of all I use 100% latex balloons for all the work I do with balloons. Whether I am doing professional balloon decoration or balloon modelling.

Why is that important? When the balloons are 100% natural latex they are also fully biodegradable. Many people confuse the latex balloons I use with the non-biodegrable products you would see elsewhere. Many times I have had people say to me that balloons are not suitable for use anymore as the are bad for the environment. In fact they are thinking of the plastic and foil based balloons that take a long time to degrade, it could potentially 100's of years. You may recognise these balloons as the type typically filled with helium or in the shape of a number for someone's birthday. I do not use these types of balloons.

This is not to say the latex balloons degrade magically in less than 3 months. They can take up to 6 months to 4 years. Which is significantly better than 100's of years.

How do I ensure they are not in a situation where they are left in the environment before they degrade?

Well, I always dispose of any unusable balloons wherever I am working. If balloons burst I make sure I pick up all the scraps and put them in a bin I carry with me at events. This way I know they will not be left lying on the ground for any period of time until they degrade. This helps keep the enviornment clean and means they won't be left for animals to find. You may be familiar with balloon releases from the past. Positively the decision was made to ban these. Across the UK they are now being banned because of their negative environmental impact. Often at these events 100's to 1000's of balloons are released into the atmosphere with no knowledge of where the balloons will land and afterwords there is no way to clean up the burst remains as they are so widely scattered. Thankfully this is now being phased out and is a thing of the past.

There is some information on the balloon brands I use below. By using 100% latex this comes directly from trees which is a renewable resource. Once trees are depleted new ones are planted. I don't claim the balloons I use are in their own right good for the environment. Instead I claim the way they are used by me and other balloon twisters in my industry that they are more responsible for the environment. They biodegrade and can be replaced, and as a preventative measure I always dispose of any leftover balloons I have instead of leaving them on the ground.

I hope this information highlights how I use balloon products more responsibly whilst making people happy when I entertaining with balloons.

If you would like to book a professional balloon artist for your event. Please get in contact with Fabulous Fraser.

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