Privacy Policy

This page will give you information on how your data is used and stored when using this site. Fraser ensures your data is protected and is committed to keeping your privacy safe. The terms "we", "I", "us" or "Fraser" used below refers to Fraser, the owner of this site.

What type of data is collected and how we use it

We may collect personal data when you fill out an enquiry form, send an email to us or sign up for any marketing emails, site updates and competitions on this site. The information used may include:

  • Your email address

  • Your address and postcode

  • Phone number

  • Your name


If a transaction occurs between you and Fraser for any goods or services provided, the following may also be collected:

  • Transaction details

  • Details of communication exchanges with regards to any transactions

The information collected is stored securely in the following ways:

  • Through trusted third-party email service providers

  • Securely held by Fraser only for correspondence and any other specifically agreed to transaction e.g Invoices for services

How we collect this data

When you perform a transaction with Fraser such as filling out an enquiry form on this site, as a part of this, the information you provide us with shall be used. This information will not be used for any other reason other than the reason stated when you provided it. This can include for example: purchases, enquiries and entering competitions run on this site.

Why this information collected

The personal information you provide us is used in the following ways:

  • To contact you with regards to an enquiry you have made through this website, email, phone or other means of contact.

  • To be used in order to provide you with any services or goods you have asked for.

  • If you consent you will also be provided with any newsletters, offers or marketing emails related to Fraser Stokes Magic.

Storage time of your personal information

Your personal information submitted will be kept for the time stated as below:

  • For the length of time during the transaction period of good or services and beyond for future correspondence with regards to the above-stated reasons. Over time this will be deleted.

  • Your details can be deleted from our records at your request.

Your information may be given to a third-party for the following reasons:

  • If you provide permission to share it

  • If it aids in the completion of supplying your goods or services

  • If required by a legal claim or legal body

Cookies and tracking tools

This site uses cookies and tracking tools. The use of cookies is to help process data for a better browsing experience and to improve the website and its functions. This site is created using the 'Wix' company website creator and uses some essential cookies in order to function

This site will use session cookies for analytical purposes to gauge how well the site is functioning and how it can be improved. Services such as Google Analytics will be used in order to observe the site interaction data.

If you do not wish to receive any cookies you can an alter this in your browser settings. You can choose to reject cookies or receive a notification if you are receiving cookies. Please be aware that by rejecting cookies some functions and features of this website may not work.


In complience with GDPR you are entitled to request your personal information to be deleted or altered with your consent.  Once you have requested any changes, we will endevour to complete this within one month of you requesting it. Please get in contact through the contact page of this site for any requests of this nature.